Calling all work-out patients!

Do you have these symptoms?

Phyxit Fitness Diagnosis


Root Cause

The excuses we make that prevent us from promoting a healthier lifestyle.


The Prescription

Endorphins: The happy fitness cure you can NEVER have too much of. Once you get a healthy dose of natural sweat you'll realize  it’s called a “workout” because it requires effort. Without the work, it's any easy-out.


Our Workout Recommendation

In a perfect world we would all leap right into our workout gear and be ready for a life changing workout. Let’s face it, some days we're less than motivated and a little inspiration can go a long way.


It’s exactly why “Phyxit Fitness” TRX training classes will be perfect for you. It’s one of the best problem solvers for EVERYTHING. The  patented TRXfitness suspension system is designed  around your own body weight strength. You get the RESULTS by what you put in and staying  in shape is more than just being physical, it's also a mental challenge for being healthy.


With the right certified training you're just  one NEW routine away from successfully working toward being physically fit as well as being in a great state of mind!


Phyxit Philosophy

Phyxit- (Fix it) - put it back together with strength and core training. If you work really hard, AMAZING things will happen. My fitness focus is not to train you with the strength of what you can do already, it is to help you overcome things you once thought you could not do. In my class we will work to embrace your weakness until they are strengths and become core to your conditioning.

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