Anthony Kortekaas is a certified fitness trainer and competitive body builder in the industry for over 10 years.  Anthony is dedicated to the basic beliefs of hard work gets results.  Speaking from his own personal experience, Anthony also happens to be a diabetic.   Which, he decided to take control over his diabetes to find his inner athleticism. The result of this journey over the years is what made Anthony realize his real passion. And, has ensured that he is committed to working closely with clients in achieving good personal health. That's why at Phyxit Fitness Anthony offers healthy habits, rather than restrictions. He wants his clients to be able to embrace the power of a truly exceptional level of personal fitness at any age. The workout group sessions are creative, intense and are goal oriented toward achieving a rewarding lifestyle. Anthony's experience ranges from beginners as well as athletes with specific advanced training needs. Anthony is  (AAAI) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer; (AAAI) Certified Aerobics Instructor; Certified TRX/Rip Instructor. Bodybuilder Achievements: 2014  Mid-Atlantic All Natural Championship 1st Place Masters, 1st Place Open Light Heavyweight, 1st Place Open Overall, 1st Place Overall Show; 2014 NPC Garden State Master 1st Place, 1st Place Overall Show, 3rd Place Open Light Heavyweight; 2013 NPC Garden State Championship 3rd & 5th Place Light Heavyweight & Masters;2012 Overall Winner Mid-Atlantic All Natural Championship Masters & 1st Place Open Light Heavyweight; 2nd Place INBF Hercules Open Heavyweight.


Anthony Kortekaas

Owner/Personal Trainer

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